Amaze Runner!


James Dashner, writes a superb science fiction dystopian novel ideal for young adults with inquisitive minds and a thirst for exploring a diverse new planet, or so it would seem.

Plot Summary

It starts out slowly, but soon picks up pace, unfolding mystery after mystery to the reader. A boy, Thomas, wakes up with no memories in an unknown place called The Glade. It starts with a girl in a puzzle about Thomas’s past; the goal is to escape out of the maze before the ‘Greavers’ sting and attack them. We follow Thomas and a group of kids (the ‘Gladers’) as they attempt to escape the maze and understand their past.

Personal Opinion

I really enjoyed the book, it has an air of mystery to it and in the first few chapters a good amount of time is spent building suspense and setting a very vivid and descriptive narrative. The book has a very inquisitive structure; it is very descriptive and creates a vivid mental image. It makes audiences reflect on their own past and what it would be like if they lost their memories; the narrative is plausible, it feels realistic, like it could happen. It inspires me to write a book, similar to this one. There is a good cliffhanger at the end which makes me want to read the second instalment, to find out what happens to the other ‘Gladers’. Overall, it is creepy but enjoyable. I would recommend reading this book.

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